The Photos

This is the complete photo gallery of the journey.  Start from the bottom and work your way to the top to go along for the ride.  Enjoy!


With Love From Teagan


Paul and the Bike are Triumphant!


Celebration at Antelope Wells!



Down to the Last Strokes!

DSC05907 copy


Last continental Divide Crossing


Long Road to Antelope Wells in 98°!

DSC05819 copy

DSC05804 copy

DSC04303 copy

DSC04298 copy

Sedar Grocery Store


Route 66 Car


Almost Ran HIm Over:  Diamondback!
Almost Ran HIm Over: Diamondback!
High Desert Road
High Desert Road
C’mon that looks good!


El Mailpais
Route 66
Toaster House at Dawn
El Malpais Rock
Toaster House Interior
Day 19 Accommodations: Toaster House
Dawn Sky New Mexico
Long Road to Pie Town
Day 18 Lodgings: I Have Seen The Lord!
New Mexico Sunset
Clouds Over New Mexico
New Mexico Reflection
Old Fire Truck on Road to Cuba
By the Dam
Georgia O’Keefe’s Red Rock
I Could Eat Like a Bear!
Old Building with Blue Door
Dead Bike! New Mexico Mud
Mud Splattered!
Shelter at Hopewell Lake
Storm Brewing at Hopewell Lake
Fellow Divide Riders Heading North
New Mexico
New Mexico: A Sight for Sore Ass!
Cumbres and Toltec Narrow Gauge
La Manga Pass
Stunner Pass
On the Road From Platoro
Snow Tires!
More Snow!
Rock Formation: Del Norte
Dirt Trail into Del Norte
Dirt Trail into Del Norte
Hailstones Anyone? These things really hurt!
Canero Pass Selfie
Road Toward Mountain Climb
Marshall Pass
Marshall Pass
Marshall Pass: Slog and Fog!
Out of the Way: Cattle Round Up
Heading into the Storm
This Is How Mud Is Made
Storms Brewing
Colorado Mountain Flowers
On The Way into Salida
Shelter From the Storm!
Malt Shop in Hartsal
“Little Pink Houses for You & Me”
Rocky Mountain Reflection
Boreas Pass: Snow!
Boreas Pass Rail Car
Baker Tank: Boreas Pass
Shopping for Breakfast with Pro-Rider Tan Lines
Choice Accommodations
Night Sky in Frisco
Cleaned and Repaired–The Bike, that is!
Arriving at the Summit Inn, Frisco
Arriving at the Summit Inn, Frisco
Where is the Massage Table Supposed to Go?
Dillon Dam Road
Dillon Dam Road
Making tracks along the Dillon Dam Road, so Smooth!
Rainbow over Dillon
Around the Dillon Reservoir–after 140 challenging miles and 10 minutes from the end of the day’s ride–only fitting that a DOUBLE rainbow would appear!
On the Road to Frisco
Entering Silverthorne
The Dashboard–not exactly easy to read while bumping along
At Ute Pass
Dandelions and Sky
Long Road Down to Kremmling
Carla Jones joined for a climb to Lynx Pass
View from the Pass outside of Steamboat Springs
Orange Peel Bike Store, Steamboat Springs
Orange Peel Bikes!
With Orange Peel Bike Service: Robert
Very Cool Motel Sign
On the Road to Steamboat
Oh No! More Snow!
Slater Park
My USPS Digs! ( aka the Post Office Refuge)
Medicine Bow National Forest
Aspen Alley
Battle Mountain Overlook
For Trinity
Stopped Out Before Another Climb
Complete Desolation
Great Sign!
That’s a Weather Window
Road or Rode to Nowhere
Ride’s Commencement
Wyoming Dawn
Mountains and Storms
Snow on the Cranks
Top of Pass 9,600 Ft.
Togwotee Pass
Now What?!!
Storms Moving In
Wyoming Rainbow
At Early Light
Pays to Catch the Sunrise!
They Put Up Signs Warning About Me!
Breakfast, Day 9. Without food, you are simply drained out there!
The Park Entrance
Railway Tunnel (closed)
The Grand Tetons
The Grand Tetons Coming Into View
Entering Wyoming: Replete with Bullet Holes!
Targhee Forest, Idaho
Looks Can be Deceiving: In Idaho, they leave the rail ties in! Ouch…my poor ass!
Little House on the Prairie!
Adjoining Suites!
Two Pillars of Wisdom
Oh Deer! The mother bolted and the baby crouched down
A River Runs Through Idaho
On the way to Lakeview
Fence Post & Mountains
Distant Mountains
Fruit Parfait @ Connie’s!!!
The Divide Between Montana and Idaho
Am I Dreaming?
Connie’s: On My Way Now!
Telegraph Pole and Big Sky
Clouds Roll In
Retro Lance Glasses!
Montana Rainwater
Wise River Motel
Montana Sky
On the Way to Wise River
The Hill down to Butte
The Hill down to Butte
Historical Mining Plaque
Top of Huckleberry Pass
Scenic Montana
Road to a Continental Divide Climb
Clearwater Lake and Distant Falls
Clearwater Lake
Cows coming to inspect what smells so bad!
Red Meadow Lake, MT
Hike a Bike!
Montana Big Sky
Tree Route
Tracks to Nowhere
Jax for Breakfast
Border Crossing
Clouds at Morning
Banff National Park
Bridge and Mud!
Trading Post
The Crest of Elk Pass: 6,500 Ft.
Elk Pass: Only Canadian Continental Divide Crossing
Mountain in the clouds
Broken Road
As it should always be!
The Mountains in Cloud
At the trailhead
Banff: DD-1
Banff: Stormy skies
Banff: starting soon!
The ride mascot and guardian angel

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