With Gratitude

Which leads me to all those I must thank for all their love and support through this three week odyssey. 

Firstly, to my wife, Anthea and to my two children, Justin and Sally.  If I learned anything lying out in the dark at 10,000 feet, I am truly blessed to have your love and support and to know that you know the importance of helping others that drives and compels me to follow my sport; 

To Richard Groves and Kristen, a thank you for your friendship and belief.  To know that you would be there at Antelope Wells gave me the confidence to ride hard to the end; 

To Hannah and Mark for all your morale-boosting messages and help before the race.  I cannot thank you enough; 

To my friend and trainer, Jody Boynton.  I could not have possibly survived without the extensive pre-hab that allowed the mind and body to sustain three weeks of unrelenting work; 

To Greg Gannon, friend and coach.  Every time things got turned sideways out on the trail, I could channel your calmness and find a solution; 

To Michael McKee.   For the fitness that comes from all the hard training rides we do throughout the year; 

To my friend, Mark Herbst.  For his support and belief in the crazy sport of enduro riding that we share; 

To Ken Waring, a great racer and friend.  Many thanks for so many tips, you really saved me from certain calamities along the way; and 

To Dennis, Krys. Frank and Kim at Racer Sportif.  I think I’ve proved the agility of Assos clothing! 


On behalf of Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada:  To all those that committed funds to raise awareness for meningitis, it is greatly appreciated. 

This ride was dedicated to Trinity Tegan Hum and there were so many moments of such audacious beauty, so spiritual, from the grasslands of Montana, to the majesty of the Teton Mountains, to the endless climbs of the Colorado back country and to vast desert landscape of New Mexico.  I rode on thinking of you and Angry Bird attached to my bike! 

If I have to take one moment from the entire journey, through the heat, the mud, the snow, the steeps and the climbs that encapsulates my dedication,  it was a brief, beautiful moment in Montana when, at speed, I raced down upon a fawn on the trail, so young, it did not have the legs or the presence to bolt, and knelt down.  And in this instinctive gesture, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of all things. 



With Love from Teagan

Oh Deer!

3 thoughts on “With Gratitude”

  1. Pm, you are such a beautiful person, a tremendous husband, father, friend, thank you so much for your wonderful spirit and your humanity!

    Much gratitude from the bottom of my heart for all that you have accomplished….. such an amazing gift! Kathryn

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  2. Congratulations, Paul!! Trinity must be smiling down upon you and thanking you for what you’ve accomplished in her name. It’s an understatement but “Well done!”.


  3. Truly amazing! I am so impressed and proud of your accomplishments. Thank you for the adventures, and for raising awareness and funds for meningitis.
    Good thing we spent all that time building up your muscle mass, so you would have something to burn out there. Eat up, drink up, and sleep deep! Like the 6 million dollar man.. we can rebuild him.
    I have no doubts you will be back in the saddle before to long, but please rest! You so deserve it.


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