Day 21:  Reflections from the Finish Line!

Day  21

Wednesday, June 17

Well, after 20 arduous days on the Great Divide, I was fortunate to finish at Antelope Wells this day, the 21st at 2:30 pm. 

I have an overwhelming respect for the trail and am truly humbled by the terrain and the intermixing of weather that could take a pristine day and turn it into an instant hell through a sudden shift.  The enormity of the ride, the design, the climbing and absolute changes in climate were mind-boggling!   Somehow I had imagined that it was all more forestry cut roads that ambled through countryside!  

Boy was I sorely mistaken.  Today was no different.  Leaving Silver City at dawn and climbing out of the city, you quickly turn left into the desert and a vastness and cavernous landscape that it is a wonder that this lies only 20 miles from town. 

The actual surface of the road was sun baked and aided by the recent rainfall, was able to speed quickly through. Only missing by inches a diamondback that was sunning himself on the road!  After SEDAR road, it was straight into the skillet, a 65 mile, 95°F ride to the border and with no facilities at Hachita after 17 miles. The heat was almost unbearable and the miles ticked off slowly. 

After much perseverance, I made the finish [at the Antelope Wells border crossing to Mexico] and was met by my friend, Richard [Dick] Groves to drive me back to civilization.


Down to the Last Strokes
Paul and the Bike are Triumphant!
Celebration at the Antelope Wells Border Crossing!


One thought on “Day 21:  Reflections from the Finish Line!”

  1. Paul, on behalf of the Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU! Words can not express what an amazing feat you have accomplished and a tremendous undertaking to honour the Hum family and especially Trinity. When will you be returning home, I would like an opportunity to meet you first hand? Kindest regards Kathryn Blain, Chair MRFC


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