Same Difference

Did you know that there is a difference between Lithium and Alkaline batteries?  The difference between them is the difference between being able to track Paul and not being able to  track  him.   More equipment issues, so at the moment, you will not be able to follow him on the map.  We’ll keep you posted on that situation.

In the meantime, Paul called in at 8 p.m. local time last night to say that he reached Sparwood–that would be in BC for those not familiar with obscure geographical towns out west.  That would also be 140 Miles from Banff for those tallying the distance!   Quite amazing already!  Paul was tired but pleased with his progress.  He ate and headed in for a few hours of sleep.

By the way, one of the results of his “test” day was realizing that he had too much STUFF with him.  His original total weight of 15 – 20 lbs (he would say 10) had to be pared down so he threw away a bunch of items before starting out again:  some chargers, winter gloves for the higher altitudes, his second pair of shorts and jersey which were his only other clothes–yikes), and who-know-what-else.  ( As at this writing, he had to dump even more stuff after the first day.  But what??)GetInline-4


2 thoughts on “Same Difference”

  1. Wow, it was not destined to be easy, but a restart is like an insult.
    But the air is fresh, and the scenery must be beyond amazing. Half the weight means twice the speed right?
    Be safe, and enjoy the journey! You are truly an amazing athlete!


    1. Does Paul do anything the easy way??? He used Day 1: Part 1 to work out most of the kinks and was glad to have the opportunity to regroup. He felt more confident and mentally stronger when he left the next day. So far, so good!

      You’re so right about the scenery–Paul has been snapping away out there and it IS gorgeous! We’ll post all the pix eventually so keep checking the sites (esp Instagram, where they will probably be posted first, thanks to the Instagram guru, Teagan.)

      As usual, Jody, your support means a lot!.


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