In Banff…a Word from Paul

As I journey to Banff to begin this epic ride, I want to take a moment to say thanks:

To Dennis, Krys, Frank and Kim at Racer Sportif for all their help with the equipment.

To Hannah and Mark for guidance on the technology, social media and moral support.  

To Michael McKee for all those early morning training sessions!

To Greg Gannon, who is far more than a sports coach:  someone that truly understands the language of endurance training.

To my children, Teagan and Justin, your love and belief I carry always.

To my wife, Anthea, your love and support in all my athletic challenges allow me to do what matters most:  help others.

To my colleagues, friends and fellow cyclists for all their donations and generosity:  thank you for helping raise awareness for the Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada.

Finally, to Steph & Greg and the beautiful montage of photographs of Trinity that you shared with us.  I am deeply touched.

This ride is dedicated to Trinity Tegan Hum.

Paul Millar


 The ride mascot and guardian angel


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